Secret Love
Secret Love

Secret Love

Eyes to hear, hands to speak


Motion Picture

90 Min


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A deaf nun Antonia falls in love with the deaf pickpocket Mikas. While for Mikas the story ends in death, it is the begin of a new live for Antionia.

In order to be able to do her work in a centre for the homeless, Antonia (27), a deaf nun, has to make the daily journey from her convent to the city by train. She encounters Mikas (30). A new exciting world opens up for Antonia because, like herself, Mikas is also deaf. These two people, so different from each other, are able to converse in their common language – sign language. Antonia and Mikas fall in love. However, what Antonia is not aware of is that Mikas is only pretending to be acircus artiste and has in fact come to Switzerland to make some ready cash as a pickpocket. A victim of his pickpocketing catches Mikas red-handed. In his attempt to escape, Mikas loses his life. Antonia is confused and disconsolate. What she went through with Mikas has had a deep effect on her and she now has the feeling that the world has once and for all opened up for her too. She resolves to start a new life and goes off to Washington DC to study at the Gallaudet University for the Deaf.



Emanuelle Laborit

Lars Otterstedt

Renate Becker

Wolfram Berger

Renate Steiger

Yevgeni Sitokin


Christoph Schaub

Marce Hoehn, TC Film 

Peter Purtschert,
Christoph Schaub

Thomas Hardmeier 

Fee Liechti 

Production Management 
Bianca Verguth

Productions Design 
Monica Bregger 

Costume Design
Dorothee Schmid

Location Sound 
Bela Golya 

Music Composer
Antoine Auberson 

Sound Editor
Peter Bräker 


Festival des films du monde Montréal, Quebec

Festival de Cine Iberoamericano Huelva, Spain

International Festival Hof, Germany

Vancouver Int. Film Festival, Canada

Nortel Palm Springs Int. Film Festival, USA

Film-Art Festival Schwerin, Germany

Bratislava International Film Festival, Slovakia

Festival internazionale del film Locarno, Switzerland

Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey

Minneapolis/St. Paul IFF, USA

Mons International Love Film Festival, Belgium

Festival Max Ophüls Award Saarbrücken, Germany

Solothurn Film Festival, Switzerland


Swiss Film Award: Nomination for best Fiction

Moskaw Festival of Independant Films: Award for best Script