Christoph Schaub



January 2019

Amur Senza Fin

New on DVD and on Teleclub

German PREMIERE: Minority Filmfestival in Husum 2018

January 2019

Architecture of Infinity

International Premiere at the Dok. Filmfestival Leipzig 2018 - International Competition

Swiss-Cinema Premiere: 31.1.2019
Documentray with Peter Zumthor, Peter Märkli, Alvaro Siza Vieira, James Turrell and Cristina Iglesias

To the Movie

Christoph Schaub

In my work, I live in another world that protects me from the actual world. I discover the unusual in the usual. Characters who strive for self-determination fascinate me. I observe and find emotions, capture and direct them and finally share them with the audience. I want my films to move the audience as much as they move me. To stimulate thoughts and questions, make them smile and sometimes even confuse them.